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Film Fashion Crew

One could ponder on how costumes are made in films, who decides on what to wear on a scene and how dynamics are portrayed by the dress actors wear. The men and women behind the success of a perfectly well dressed film are the costume designers and their men. Since films play a very important role in a society’s standard for entertainment, they play an important role in the film’s fashion sense and they make sure that the brand of talent that they provide to their audiences are top notch.


So what are their roles? Costume designers take charge in designing and creating the costumes actors wear. We all know that an actor’s and extra’s costumes or the lack of it, in some cases, contributes largely on how a set portrays a scene clearly. It sometimes need no dialogue for a scene to be understood and felt just because of the costumes.


Even though the director has the final say on how a take becomes a wrap, the ideas come largely from the costume designers themselves, may they be freelancers or residents. They are the unsung heroes of fashion in films.


To be one, you have to be creative, of course. Good design and research skills are required most of the time. No one knows everything so your research should be comprehensive and correct. Your versatility and flexibility with any kind of form is an asset to work in various projects. Knowledge in history and culture is big plus, if you know a lot, you will reach a lot especially those people that are closely portrayed by the characters of a film. You have to have familiarity with how costumes are made and what they are made of, it does not mean that if you know how to design it, you’ll be able to make it. You would definitely be working with a team, especially if it’s a huge project, so being organized and able to communicate well are needed as well.


What may one do to be a costume designer in films? Nowadays, designers with post-graduate degree with Fashion, Fine Arts and the likes are priorities but some productions have their own resident team that they hire. Some people try their luck by starting on the bottom a d work their way up the ladder. It’s not bad since experience is a key to a successful design.


So the next time you watch a movie and establish an idol of an actor from that film, remember that the scene won’t be great without a skillful costume designer.